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Dr. Mark Smith

Having been in practice for 33 years, Dr. Smith has seen the powerful benefits of chiropractic firsthand. He shares his knowledge and experience with people as a consultant and speaker throughout the region. He’s also represented Chiropractic on the radio and television, as well as national print media. As one of the only chiropractic neurologists in the region, Dr. Smith uses his expert knowledge of the brain and its role in chiropractic care to help his patients achieve lasting health.

At Richmond Chiropractic Neurology, we take a comprehensive, natural and therapeutic approach to the treatment of chronic disease and help you round out your complete healthcare picture. Our goal is to make you so healthy that whatever problem you have goes away.  We aim to get you off your medications and help you function fully in life. After all, true health is optimal function – not merely the absence of symptoms!

We combine traditional chiropractic care with individualized brain-based therapies to create a therapeutic environment that you can take home with you. We give you all the tools you need to heal yourself. What makes us unique from other chiropractic practices is our expertise in neurology. Many chiropractors only perform physical adjustments to the spine and overlook the significant role the brain plays in health and well-being. However, you won’t fix your need for an adjustment until you fix your brain.


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